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Finally, Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh education board published the BEFAQ result 2022. The education board officially released the Qawmi candidates’ outcomes on their website. Now it is available on wifaq website. Candidates will check it through the Wifaq official website www.wifaqresult.com. This year BMAB held this test on March 2022. Then 1 month later they released the exam result in 2022.

This year a large number of students both girls and boys are seated for the exam. All the candidates are waiting to know the test date to get their Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh test score. It is also known as Befaul Madaris. BMAB controls all the Islamic seminaries which are run by Deobandi. So here we are providing the Wifaq result 2022 with the checking process. From here you will easily get your exam score.

 45th Befaq Exam Result

Madaris Arabia Bangladesh Befaq Result 2022 published. After one year in a row, the exam was held in Bangladesh. BMAB education board arranged the test Every year a lot of students are given this test. This year’s 45th Qawmi test was already finished and today the test outcomes were also published by the education board. It is the Deobandi-affiliated university in Bangladesh. The merit list is available on the BMAB education board’s official website. Visit the site to check your test outcomes in 2022. There are two websites to check it and also get it to send SMS.

 www.wifaqbd.org Result 2022

It is the Bangladesh Qawmi Education Board’s official website. Here you can find all the necessary information about the Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh education system. Such as Exam controllers, Accounts, IT sectors, the Education sector, etc. Besides this information, you will also get your score through the website. Just visit the website and click on the Result options. Then the website will provide you with recent test outcomes details information. Now, this website will provide you with 45th Befaq exam center results and a merit list for both girls and boys.

 Check www wifaqresult com Befaq Result 2022

It is the Bangladesh Qawmi Education Board results on the official website. Form here Befaqul Madarisil all group students will check the mark sheet. This site will provide you with three options to check your test outcomes. Such as Individual, Madarisil, and Merit list. At a time, you will check all types of outcomes You just need to provide some examination information. Here we are providing all types of Befaq result checking process 2022.

 45th Befaq Individual Result 2022

If you want to check your individual result with your merit score then you have to follow this method. Given below is the Befaq Individual result 2022 process.

1. Visit www.wifaqresult.com 

2. Select Individual Result

3. Enter Year, Marhala, and Roll number

4. At last click on Submit.

Following the 4 steps candidates will check their individual outcomes in 2022.

45th Befaq Madarisil Result 2022

Another BEFAQ result checking type is Madarisil. To check the Madarisil result type you have to visit the same website then follow the next step:

1. Visit the Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh result website.

2. Select Madarisil Result

3. Then enter the test year and Type of Marhala.

4. Now provide the Elhak number. Type G before the Number.

45th Befaq Merit list 2022 Download

Besides Individual and Madarisil results, the Wifaq website also provides students with a merit list. Providing some necessary information to get the Befaq Merit list pdf file. To download the 45th Qawmi Merit list following the process.

1. Go to the Wifaq website.

2. Select Merit list then

3. Enter Test year, Marhala type, select girls or boys.

4. Click on submit

Following this process candidates will download the Befaq result 2022 merit list for both girls and boys.


1. How to check Befaq exam results, girls?

Answer: Visit on Wifaq website and select type girls to get it.

2. How to download the Befaq exam merit list?

Answer: You will download both girl’s and boy’s Befaq exam merit lists through the Wifaq official website. 

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