Whats The Difference Between Macbook Air And Pro

Al Imran

The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are both popular laptops from Apple, but they offer different features. The MacBook Air is a lightweight laptop, providing portability and convenience, while the MacBook Pro is a more powerful laptop with a larger display.

The MacBook Air has a 13-inch display, weighs only 2.8 lbs, and is only 0.68 inches thick. It runs on a Core i5 processor and features 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The MacBook Pro offers a larger 15-inch display, and weighs 4.3 lbs. It runs on a Core i7 processor, with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The MacBook Pro also includes additional ports, such as an SD card reader and four USB ports, while the MacBook Air only has two USB ports.

Both laptops have similar battery lives, with the MacBook Air offering up to 12 hours of use and the MacBook Pro offering up to 10 hours. The MacBook Air is the more affordable option, retailing for around $1,000, while the MacBook Pro is pricier at around $2,000.