What’S The Difference Between Locs And Dreads

Locs and dreads are two popular hairstyles that have often been confused for one another. The main difference between locs and dreads is that locs are intentionally created and maintained while dreads are formed naturally without any manipulation. Locs are created by sectioning the hair and using a method called “twist and rip” to form the loc. It’s also possible to create locs with a technique called “interlocking”. This involves carefully weaving small sections of the hair together to form the locs. Dreads are formed when the hair is not brushed, combed or styled in any way, causing the individual strands of hair to become matted and intertwined together.

Both locs and dreads require ongoing maintenance in order to keep them looking neat and healthy. With locs, this involves regular moisturizing and occasional retwisting to keep the hair in place. With dreads, it is recommended that they be washed regularly with a residue-free shampoo and waxed occasionally to keep the dreads from becoming too matted. Additionally, both locs and dreads can be cut, colored and styled in a variety of ways. However, it is important to note that certain chemical treatments can cause damage to both locs and dreads.