What’S The Difference Between Dreads And Locs

Dreadlocks and locs are both forms of hairstyles achieved by locking the hair into a series of knots. The main difference between dreadlocks and locs is the process by which the hair is locked. Dreadlocks are achieved by backcombing and twisting the hair until it forms locks, while locs are achieved by using a process called interlocking. Interlocking involves using a crochet needle to loop the hair around itself until it forms knots. The result of each process is a hairstyle that is composed of locks of varying sizes.

Another difference between dreadlocks and locs is the maintenance. Dreadlocks require more frequent maintenance due to the backcombing process, while locs require less maintenance. Additionally, it is easier to style dreadlocks than locs. Dreadlocks can be styled in a variety of ways, while locs are usually worn in their natural state.

Finally, the way in which dreadlocks and locs are perceived by the public can also be different. Dreadlocks are often associated with Rastafarian culture, while locs are often seen as a more modern and stylish hairstyle.