What’S The Difference Between A Plantain And A Banana

Al Imran

Plantains and bananas are both tropical fruits that belong to the same family, but are different in many ways. Plantains have a thicker skin and are starchier than bananas. They are usually picked and eaten when they are still green, and are usually cooked before consumption. Bananas, on the other hand, are usually picked when they are ripe and eaten raw. Additionally, bananas are sweeter and contain more sugar than plantains. Plantains are also larger than bananas.

The two fruits are also used differently in cooking. Plantains are mostly used as a vegetable in savory dishes, while bananas are used in both savory and sweet dishes. Plantains are often fried and served as a side dish, while bananas are commonly used in desserts like banana bread and cakes. Plantains can also be boiled or mashed and served as a side dish.