What Is The Difference Between Summarizing And Paraphrasing

The difference between summarizing and paraphrasing is that summarizing condenses the main points of a text into a shorter form, while paraphrasing is restating a text in one’s own words without changing the meaning. Summarizing requires the writer to identify the primary ideas of the text and then write them in a concise manner, usually in fewer words than the original text. Paraphrasing involves reading a text and then rewriting it in different words, but with the same meaning.

Summarizing is a useful tool for distilling the main points of a text, while paraphrasing is useful for providing an alternate form of a text. Summarizing can help to quickly convey the main points of a text, while paraphrasing can help to make a more comprehensive understanding of a text. The two techniques can be used together to create a comprehensive understanding of the text.