What Is The Difference Between Ice Cream And Custard

Ice cream and custard are both creamy, sweet treats that are popular desserts. However, there are some differences between the two. Ice cream is made with a combination of cream, sugar, and flavorings, and is churned while it’s frozen. Custard, on the other hand, is made with eggs, milk, cream, and sugar, and is cooked until it thickens. Ice cream tends to be lighter and fluffier, while custard is denser and thicker. Additionally, custard often has a richer flavor than ice cream. Finally, custard is often served warm, while ice cream is usually served cold.

In terms of nutrition, custard tends to be higher in calories and fat than ice cream. It also contains more protein and calcium. However, both desserts can be high in sugar and should be enjoyed in moderation. Overall, ice cream and custard are two delicious desserts that each have their own unique characteristics.

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