What Is The Difference Between Homicide And Murders

Al Imran

Homicide and murder are two terms that are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. Homicide is a general term used to refer to the killing of one person by another, while murder is a specific type of homicide. Homicide can be either intentional or unintentional. Intentional homicide is considered murder, while unintentional homicide is considered manslaughter or justifiable homicide.

Murder is a specific type of intentional homicide, and is often referred to as a “premeditated killing.” It involves the planning and execution of a killing, and is considered to be a crime in most countries. In contrast, manslaughter is an unintentional homicide, which occurs when someone kills another person without premeditation or legal justification. Justifiable homicide is a homicide that is legally allowed to occur, such as in self-defense or when a police officer kills someone in the line of duty.