What Is The Difference Between Cured And Uncured Ham

Al Imran

Cured ham is a type of ham that has been processed through a curing process, which involves soaking the meat in a salt brine or adding salt directly to it. The curing process helps to preserve the meat and give it a distinctive flavor. On the other hand, uncured ham has not been treated with any kind of curing process and is simply fresh, raw ham. Cured ham tends to have a saltier taste while uncured ham has a more mild and natural flavor.

Cured ham is also a darker and redder color than uncured ham, due to the curing process. The curing process also helps to reduce the moisture content of the meat, resulting in a firmer texture and less shrinkage when cooked. Uncured ham, on the other hand, has a higher moisture content and is more prone to shrinkage when cooked. It also has a shorter shelf life than cured ham, so it should be used as soon as possible.