What Is The Difference Between Brown And White Eggs

Eggs come in two main varieties: brown eggs and white eggs. Both types of eggs are nutritionally similar, however there are some differences between them. Brown eggs tend to be larger and more expensive than white eggs. The color of the eggshell is determined by the breed of the hen that laid the egg. Brown eggshells are usually thicker than white eggshells. Brown eggs are also more likely to have a stronger flavor than white eggs.

In terms of nutrition, there is little difference between brown and white eggs. Both types contain the same amount of protein, fat, and calories. Brown eggs are slightly higher in vitamins A and E, however the difference is minimal. The main difference between brown and white eggs is the source. Brown eggs tend to come from free-range hens, while white eggs come from hens that are kept in cages. Free-range eggs are generally seen as more humane and better for the environment.

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