What Is The Difference Between A Wolf And A Coyote

Wolves and coyotes are both members of the Canidae family, but they do have some differences. Wolves are larger than coyotes, typically growing to be about twice the size of a coyote. Wolves also have broader snouts, larger feet, and shorter ears than coyotes. The fur of a wolf is usually gray, white, black, or tan, with some variations. Coyotes, on the other hand, are smaller than wolves and have smaller feet and ears. Their fur is usually grayish-brown in color, and they have a black stripe that runs down their back.

Wolves are also known to live and hunt in packs, while coyotes are solitary animals. Wolves are highly social and have a hierarchical structure in their packs. They work together to find food, protect their territory, and raise their young. Coyotes, however, usually hunt alone and live alone or in pairs. They are territorial and will defend their area against other coyotes. Wolves have also been known to hunt large prey such as deer, while coyotes typically stick to smaller animals like rabbits and rodents.