What Is The Difference Between A Toad And A Frog

Al Imran

Toads and frogs are both amphibians, but there are some key differences between them. Toads are usually larger and have drier, bumpier skin than frogs. Toads also have shorter hind legs and tend to move by hopping, rather than the long-legged jumping of frogs. Frogs have a more moist, slimy skin, with some species having vibrant colors, while toads are generally dull in color. The diet of frogs and toads also differ, with frogs being more carnivorous and toads feeding on a wide variety of insects, snails, worms, and other small prey. Lastly, frogs call with a sound that is often described as a ‘ribbit’, while toads make a more deep, low-pitched sound.

Toads can also survive in drier environments than frogs, which require more moisture. The most common type of toad is found in the United States is the American Toad, while the most common frog is the American Bullfrog. Toads are also more likely to be found in gardens, whereas frogs prefer to live near water. Toads also usually live longer than frogs, with some species having lifespans of up to 40 years.