What Is The Difference Between A Genotype And A Phenotype

Genotype and phenotype are two terms that are often used in genetics and biology. The genotype of an organism is the set of genes that it possesses. This includes both the alleles that it inherited from its parents and any mutations it may have. The phenotype is the physical and behavioral characteristics that an organism displays as a result of its genotype. These can include physical traits such as eye color, size, and body shape, as well as behavior such as aggression or intelligence.

While the genotype is inherited, the phenotype can be affected by environmental factors such as diet, exercise, and stress. For example, an organism may have the genotype for blue eyes, but if it is exposed to too much sunlight, its phenotype may be brown eyes. In some cases, the genotype and phenotype may be the same, such as when an organism has the genotype for brown eyes and its phenotype is also brown eyes.