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Top youtube funny comments! Most popular funniest comment ever in youtube

Youtube is a video-sharing platform. This is an open-source place where people share different category videos. Youtube is also called social media. It was launched in February 2005. And still this is the best platform in the world as a video sharing site.

People upload videos on youtube in different categories. Anyone watches these videos from this platform and can share their feeling via comment. Today I will share here some funniest comments on youtube. People do funny comments in videos and it went viral on other social media.

Top youtube funny comments

Every comment we have to collect from youtube videos. You can copy this funny comment from here and can paste it into another video on youtube.

funny comment youtube

  • 0:00 lol…🤣🤣…i dont know how to put in a single word that shameless nature but very funny as well at the same time…😂

funny comment

Funniest youtube comments ever

  • When you use a spoon the dog runs away,,, haha 😂
  • Shut Up and Take My Money
  • So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

weird youtube comments

  • Should I Laugh or Something
  • Woah, Just Take it Easy Man
  • I’m Gonna Pee!

A listed comment is the funniest comment on youtube. We collect it from various sources. Stay connected to get more funny youtube comment lists. A new comment is coming.

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