How to Recover Facebook Account 2023 (Lock, Disabled, Suspend)

How to Recover Facebook Account 2023 (Lock, Disabled, Suspend) all method is now available here. Facebook is the most popular online social media networking service in the World. This networking service owner is Meta Platforms, not only Facebook but also WhatsApp, Instagram, and messenger owned by Meta. Using this online social media people can able to connect with others through the internet. Besides communication users can share status, videos, photos, etc. FB user can connect with each other both text and voice calling. Besides these features, people play different kinds of games in these networking sites and apps.

To use this popular communication social media at first you should sign up. Without sing up, you can’t able to use it. After signing up, people anytime and anywhere use it through the internet connection. Most of the time people can face something wrong such as account lock, verification, deactivation, resetting the password, etc. If you faced this type of issue then you should recover your Facebook I’d.

There are some rules to use it, if you violate this rule Facebook community will block your account or disable it. Many people do these mistakes, so this time user needs to recover their I’d to get back their Facebook account. So here we are providing you with all the issues fixed process so that users can recover Facebook accounts.


How to Recover Facebook Account:

Many users have old accounts that I’d not used or login many days. As FB community will lock those, I’d. If you’re trying to log in to an old account then you have to varify your I’d to again use your account. According to the report, most people have multiple Facebook accounts. Many users can’t use their alternative id for a long time. If they’re again trying to use this then they must be verified to confirm this account is yours. If you’re can’t log in to your old Facebook then follow the process to successfully login:

  • 1. At first go to the profile and click on account recover.
  • 2. Tap on the 3-dot symbol and select Find support.
  • 3. Choose the Something wrong option and tap on the next step.
  • 4. Click on Recover this account then follow the process step by step.

 Recover Facebook Account

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

It’s difficult to recover a hacked FB account. If your ID was hacked by someone then as soon as possible you should try to reset your password. If you get a FB 5-digit code on your mobile or Email then you can able to recover your I’d. If a hacker will reset your email and phone number then you can’t ably get your account. To avoid this situation, you should turn on two-factor security and get the alert option when someone logs in to your id to an unrecognized device. Besides, you should avoid clicking on unnecessary and unknown links. This link will help hackers to hack your account.

How to Recover Facebook Password

Password is a very important part of your account. If someone knows your password then those users know your personal information. So, every user should set a strong password. Even then sometimes we need to recover our password. Most of the time people can forget their social media networking password, as they need to reset their Facebook password. There are many users that accesses it from the desktop version or many of us use it on the mobile app. This process is different from desktop and app. From here you can know how to reset Facebook password both versions.

How to Recover Facebook Password on the Desktop

  • 1.  At first visit this website or Open your FB official app.
  • 2. Click on Forgotten Password then Enter the Email address or Mobile Number.
  • 3. Then click on search, if you find your account then send the code to your Email or phone.
  • 4. Enter the 5-digit code and click on Reset password.
  • 5. Provide a new password then click on confirm.

How to Recover Lock or Disable Facebook Account

If a user violates the rules, then the Facebook authority will lock or disabled the account. Before being disabled, its community will warn the user and block some activities. The user even breaks the rules developer will suspend the Facebook account. Lock and Suspended FB I’d able to recover manually but disable account recovery process is fully dependent on the FB community. But you have to follow some processes to get back your disabled Facebook account.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account with your Email and Password.
  • Step 2: Click on Learn more and provide an Email address.
  • Step 3: Upload your Identity Card and click on submit.

After completing the process authority will review your account then contract with the user via email.


1. How can I recover my Facebook security questions?

Answer:  To recover security questions identify your friend’s pictures and activities.

2. How can I recover my Facebook password without an email and phone number?

Answer: Providing Username you can do this.

3. Does Facebook send account recovery codes?

Answer: Yes.