How to Recover Clipclaps account (Deleted & Suspended)

Clipclaps is a social media networking type where people can earn money. It is a mobile application that offers earn money and various kind of rewards just for watching videos and playing games via this mobile app. This mobile app is supported on both Android and iOS platforms. People can able to download it from Google Play Store or App Store. Besides watching videos & playing games you can also enjoy live-streamed lotteries, the hottest original content, etc. This social media’s most exciting feature is you can withdraw your money from PayPal. So, this is the trusted social media networking where you can earn money.

This is the latest social media earnings site, so many users have no idea about this application. Many users can’t able to recover their accounts if they faced any issues. This application’s common issues are no longer accessing this profile, can’t log in to this account, or forgetting the password. So, we are providing all the issues recovery process with details. As all the new users can easily understand how to recover a Clipclaps account.  


How to Recover or Retrieve Clipclaps Account

This application provides to earn money by watching or creating own videos. Nowadays the most boring thing is advertising, but this app doesn’t include any advertisement. So, users can enjoy using this social media. Without watching videos, you can also earn money by creating fun content and uploading the video on this application. But at first, you have to register for this app. If you don’t know how to sign up in Clipclaps don’t worry here we can provide how to register in Clipclaps.

If a user can’t able to access or can’t log in to the Clipclaps account then follow the process step by step to get back your Clipclaps account.

  • Step 1:  If you faced this type of problem then you should email this application support. The mail address is:
  • Step 2: At the mail address you have to provide this information:
  • a. Old Clip code.
  • b. Username such as your Mobile number, Facebook, Google, or Apple ID username. If you sign up for your account using this social media.
  • c. Describe your problem.
  • d. Verify your account ownership then send it above the Email.

After sending this email as soon as possible the agent will contract you through the Email. If your all information is correct then they recover your account.

How to Recover Clipclaps account Fail to Log in

If you’re not able to log in to your account and it shows fails to go login then you should contact an agent via email. At first, you should send mail to contact support. Without sending emails you can’t able to contact them. This social media company is new so they’re still not including direct recovery options. If users face any problem such as login issues, money withdrawal issues, I’d recover, etc. At first, you must contract the Clipclaps support team through email.

So, if you can’t log in to your id and every time see fail to log in then send an email with all necessary information at this address The process is the same as Retrieve that is given in the above.

How to Delete Clipclaps Account

To delete your Clipclaps account you can’t able to complete this process manually. If you want to delete your account then you should send a request to the Clipclaps support team. Give below the process of how to Send deletion Clipclaps account.

  • 1. Log in your email which email is registered in Clipclaps Account.
  • 2. Write the mail subject “Account Delete Request”
  • 3. In the description box explain why you delete your id
  • 4. Then send it to 


1. How can I change my Clipclaps register phone number?

Answer: You can change your number to send an email by providing your clip code, old number, and change reason.

2. Can I merge the earnings from two different accounts?

Answer: No.

From this page, besides the recovery process, you can also know how to sign up or register on Clipclaps. To know the process with details stays with us.