Ramadan Calendar 2023 ডাউনলোড করুন- Sehri, Iftar & Timetable

Ramadan Calendar 2023 is important for every Muslim. Ramadan calendar bear Sehri & iftar time-related information. In this month around the world, Muslim people observe Siyam. Islam has five pillars; Siyam is the third of the five pillars. It is the 9th month in the Arabic calendar.   Every Arabic month is 29 or 30 days depending on the sighting of the nee moon. This is provided by Sahih hadith. 

In this month fasting is obligatory on every adult Muslim person. But some of the case siyam has been relaxed those are not able to observe it. Such as ill, traveling, diabetics of menstruating persons. In many countries, people are also called it’s Roza. It starts on suhur, people eat food before for player called Shari and break the fast is called iftar. During this month people player more. Because on this month the reward of worship is an increase compared to other Arabic months.

Moreover, Ramadan is the most important and sacrificed month. On this month at night, Holy Quran was revealed. Allah told those night names Laylat-Ul-Qqdr. People observed fasting full Ramadan month. When the Shawwal month moon is seen, people stop fasting and celebrate Muslim’s first occasion Eid-ul-Fitr.

After one year again coming this holy month. Now running another important month that is Saban month. During the Saban month, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SM) observed nafal fast and take preparation for Ramadan.

Here we are providing you with this month’s Ramadan Calendar 2023 Images and PDF files. Download those files and see this year’s all fasting times & dates.


Ramadan Date 2023

Though it is defending on moon sighting, we are expected this year Ramadan fasting will be started on 2 or 3 April.









4:27 AM

6:19 PM




4:26 AM

6:19 PM




4:24 AM

6:20 PM


Ramadan Calendar 2023: Sehri & Iftar time

The schedule of fasting in both the Sehri and Iftar time lists is available on this page. Fast will be starting in April. No one can tell the actual date of the fast. Only Allah can know the Ramadan 2023 date. Bangladeshi people expected that April 2 or April 2023 will be held this year, Siyam. People are already taken preparation for this month. All around the world, all Muslim people are ready to observe the fast.

A few days later, this year fasting will be started. So, during the Ramadan month, people need to know the timetable for Sehri and Iftar. According to the schedule, people can get up eat Sehri. All Muslims should eat Sehri because it is Sunnah. On the other hand,‌ people also used the schedule for iftar. So here we are providing this year Ramadan full month Sehri and Iftar timetable.

1st 10 Days
Ramadan April/May Day Sehri (am) Iftar (pm)
1 03 April Sunday  04:27  06:19
2 04 Monday  04:26  06:19
3 05 Tuesday  04:25  06:20
4 06 Wednesday  04:24  06:20
5 07 Thursday  04:23  06:21
6 07 Friday  04:22  06:21
7 09 Saturday  04:21  06:22
8 10 Sunday  04:20  06:22
9 11 Monday  04:19  06:22
10 12 Tuesday  04:18  06:23
2nd 10 Days
11 13  Wednesday 04:16 06:23
12 14 Thursday 04:15  06:23
13 15  Friday  04:14  06:24
14 16  Saturday 04:13  06:24
15 17 Sunday  04:12  06:24
16 18  Monday  04:11 06:25
17 19 Tuesday  04:10  06:25
18 20  Wednesday 04:09 06:26
19 21 Thursday 04:08 06:26
20 22  Friday 04:07  06:27
3rd 10 Days
21 23 Saturday 04:06 06:27
22 24  Sunday  04:05 06:28
23 25  Monday 04:05 06:28
24 26  Tuesday 04:04 06:29
25 27  Wednesday 04:03 06:29
26 28 Thursday 04:02 06:29
27 29  Friday 04:01 06:30
28 30 Saturday 04:00 06:30
29 01 May Sunday 03:59 06:31
30 02  Monday 03:58 06:31

Ramadan Schedule 2023.pdf

Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2023 Image

Ramadan months is for fasting. It is observed all over the world. Muslim people start it on 01 Ramadan. In Bangladesh, people called Ramadan Romjan month. Different countries have different Ramadan calendars for Iftar and Shari. For example, every year Romjan month starts in Saudi Arabia before Bangladesh. So, Bengali people observe it according to their schedule.

Here you can find Ramadan Calendar Sheri and Iftar schedule for Bangladesh. Both Portable Document Format and Joint Photographic Experts Group are available here. You can download any file to see this year’s schedule.

ramadan Calendar 2022
Ramadan Calendar 2023 HD Image

Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2023.pdf

Islamic Foundation release Sehri, Iftar times

The Bangladesh Islamic Foundation has been published the timings of Sehri and Iftar for the upcoming Ramadan. This Foundation expected the holy month of Ramadan begins on 2-3 April. Today Islamic Foundation released the Ramadan timings only for Dhaka District. On the schedule of other districts, people can also set their district timings. For example, Rajshahi district people should 7 min. plus with Dhaka district times.

Islamic Foundation is a government organization under the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Bangladesh. It works for disseminating the values and ideals of Islam. All the Islamic activities are done by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. Given below is the Ramadan schedule 2023 according to the Islamic organization.

Islamic Foundation Ramadan Calendar 2023.pdf

Sheri & Iftar schedule for Dhaka District.pdf 

Ramadan Calendar Time Table 2023 PDF

The Holy Ramadan is knocking at the door. Only a few days later Romjan month will start in Bangladesh. People can get the timetable on Islamic Foundation official website. To download the list visit www.islamicfoundation.gov.bd. Besides this link, you can also able to download the PDF file from here. Given below the file, just click on the PDF file link.

Ramadan Calendar 2023.pdf

Ramadan Calendar 2023 all District

Besides Dhaka Division here you are also providing all district Ramadan Sheri and Iftar schedule 2023. This month acts as a shield for all the Muslim people and prevents all of them from committing any evil deeds, crimes, and other bad work. In this month rice people can feel the hunger of the poor. This month brings closer all kinds of people both rich and poor.

ramadan calendar 2022 download
Ramadan Calendar 2023 Picture

Therefore, all of them need to see the timetable for fasting. Here you can find Bangladesh all District and division schedules.

Ramadan Calendar for Rajshahi District.pdf

Ramadan Calendar for Chittagong District.pdf

Ramadan Schedule for Khulna District.pdf

Romjan 2023

Expected date of the beginning Romjan mash on 1-2 April defending on moon sighting in Bangladesh. In Romjan Muslims are trying to refrain from all sinful deeds and bad work. Romjan is a Bengali word which Arabic is Ramadan. The spiritual rewards of fasting are believed during the Romjan. 

2023 Ramadan Eid Date

After one month of fasting, people are celebrating Muslim’s first Eid feasible. That is Eid-Ul-Fitr, on this day all Muslims are wishing each other Eid Mubarak. People expect that this year Eid-Ul-Fitr will be observed on 1-2 May 2023.


1. How many Ramadan are there in 2023?

Answer: In this year Ramadan will be observed for 29-30 days. It’s defending on Shawal month moon.

2. Will there be 2 Ramadan in 2030?

Answer: According to the report, 2 Ramadan will be observed in 2030 and Muslim people celebrate 3 occasions.

3. Can Ramadan be 29 days?

Answer: Ramadan can be 29-30 days both.