PayPal to Bkash exchange 2022 (Easy Method)

Nowadays it is very easy to withdraw money from Paypal to Bkash. Generally, freelancers and bloggers are easily cashed out and cash in from Paypal to Bkash accounts. It is now possible to withdraw and send a small number of dollars from PayPal.

Many freelancers are currently cashing out dollars from PayPal for this reason PayPal has been launched as Emperor’s service. Here we are providing all the steps and processes to cash out money between these two accounts.

Paypal to Bkash exchange 2022

In 2022, people can able to exchange money from Paypal to Bkash. Before people easily exchange money from these two accounts. But last few years this service is closed in BD. But still, now people can do this in some different way. Now any freelancer or any people can’t able to directly transfer money using an app or mobile banking system.

There are few ways to exchange or transfer money from a Paypal account to any mobile banking. In Bangladesh, many people work to transfer money from different accounts. With the help of those people, you can transfer dollars to BDT. The second way is there are many websites where you can send dollars and get Taka.

Exchange money by the website you have to visit those sites and provide your all information like name, Email, Dollar amount, contract no, etc. After this send money to their Paypal account and then you have been got money to your Bkash AC.  Here we are providing those websites and exchange business organization names where you can easily exchange your Paypal dollar. 

How to withdraw money from Paypal to Bkash?

In Bangladesh, this service has been closed for a long time. But a few days ago, Bangladesh Government announced that again start this service. So that all the Bangladeshi freelancers and bloggers can able to cash out money from their Paypal accounts to Bkash. To do this task follow the step given in below.

1. First of all candidates should visit this site [email protected] Mail us.

2. After visiting the sites here you can see a registration form.

3. You will fill-up the form with current info.

4. On this from providing your Name, Bkash Number and amount of dollar.

5. After submitting the form then candidates will be confirmed by phone calling or SMS. 

If you follow the process step by step correctly and successfully fill-up the form after the next 30 minutes you will receive money to your Bkash account.

N.B: If you faced any problem with the contract with email. Send mail for any inquiries at this address [email protected] or [email protected]

A candidate can transfer dollars up to $500 with this company and withdraw Bangladesh from any bank or mobile banking such as Bkash, Rocket, Nagad, etc.

Paypal to Bkash send money

People can convert dollars from a Paypal account and send money to any mobile banking such as Paypal to Rocket or Paypal to Nagad Various online companies provide this exchange offer. But many people are being deceived through these online companies. However, there are many trusted companies that are providing you to break the dollar and send money to your personal account. Follow these steps to send money through online companies.

Step 1: At first, the Recipient should contact the company admin vai this mail [email protected]

Step 2: Let him know how much money is transferred from your Paypal account.

Step 3: Then the admin will inform the customer about the process and rules for sending money. After successfully sending Dollars to them then they will send BDT to your account. You can get this money from any Bank account.

Following these steps, you can receive money from any Dollar exchange company. 

Paypal to Bkash exchange Website:

There are many websites that are providing exchange dollars from any account. You can withdraw your Paypal dollar and receive money to your mobile banking account. Given below the website:

1. Trusted BD PayPal Dollar:

2. Coinbase USD: 

3. Exchange: [email protected]

From these websites, you can easily withdraw your Paypal dollar to Bkash, Rocket and Nagad.


1. How do I exchange PayPal for Bkash?

Answer: Go to your Paypal app select Transfer Dollar then click on other banks, enter your bank account number then send money.

2. What is the PayPal Dollar rate?

Answer: 1 USD = 65 BDT

3. Can PayPal be used in Bangladesh?

Answer: Paypal online payment system was launched on 19 October. But this process is now closed in BD.

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