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NID Card Download BD Online 2022 by

Those who took photos to become a voter but still did not get a NID card or if someone lost a NID card now they easily download NID card in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Election Commission provides online NID copy to their official website.  The people of Bangladesh who have 18 years above they can get and download the National Identify Card using Voter slip No from NID registration No. So, this is good news for all Voter of BD.

Last year Bangladesh Election decided to provide an online National Identify Card copy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using these online NID copy people can able to complete all-important work.

How to download NID card online copy?

Bangladesh Election Commission announced that now voters can check and download their NID card online copy through the Election Commission official website. Visit on Bangladesh EC NID card website and follow some simple steps to download the NID card online copy of BD 2022.

NID Card online copy Download link: 

Online NID Card Download process 2022

New and old voters can now Download NID online copy 2022. To download an online NID card in BD following some steps. Here 1st to last describe all steps to download NID Card. In 2022 Election Commission little changed the download method. Now Voter should install the NID verification app from the Google play store. Here the new method of NID card download 2022 BD.

NID Card info

Step 1: visit or on this site.

Step 2: on this site, you have given two options.

a. Register

b. Apply Now

NID Download

If you are a new voter then select Apply now and you have got already a NID card then select Register.

N.B: NID Card Registration process given in the below in this page.

Step 3: After Registration then visit for download online NID card copy

Step 4: On this page Provide your NID Registration Slip no or If you are an old voter then provide your NID number and Date of birth.

Step 5: Input simple code on the left side of this page.

Step 6: Then log in to your account. In your account select NID card status. On this option, you can download your NID card online copy 2022.

NID Card online Registration process 2022

Now any voter can Download NID card online copy by the Bangladesh Election Commission site. Before downloading the National Identify Card online copy voters can registration for getting a NID card online in 2022.

Step 1. Go to and provide your Voter slip or NID no ( for older voters) and date of birth.

Step 2: Input the security key and click on Submit.

Step 3: After clicking on Submit here appears a new page. On this page, you have to provide some important information.

Step 4: Input your Division, Upazila and District and click on next

Step 5: Provides a phone no and input confirmation SMS OTP.

Step 6: Set your Password and click on update.

After the following step is completely done then here show a QR code. A voter should scan this QR code by NID Wallet App.

Step 7: Install NID Wallet App, open this app and verification your photo then scan on QR code to complete your NID Card Registration process. 

NID Smart Card Download 2022

Now our govt. provides Smart NID Card. New voters get Smart Card in 2022. Slowly govt will get all voter Smart NID cards. Smart Card also downloaded by Election Commission NID Card service website. But only new voters and able to download smart cards. website Provides smart card 2022. A voter can visit on this site to download Smart Card Online copy 2022.

NID online services BD

The EC board of Bangladesh start NID online services. In this service new voters or old voters who lost their NID card original copy, they can download the National ID card online copy by NID online services BD site. Besides old National ID card voters of Bangladesh are also download Smart Card through the NID online services official site. 

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