King’s Raid Tier List 2023- PvE & PvP all tier name list

King’s Raid is a PvP Free For All epic fantasy MMORPG that focuses on a group of heroic characters who must work together to defeat the Lich King and reclaim the throne of Kingric Helm. King’s Raid is a very intense game, especially if you choose to play it with more than just a few friends. There are many different classes available to each of the players in the game, which will all offer their own specializations and advantages. Below you will find a Raid game Tier List that will help you determine who is the best character in King’s Raid.

Kings raid tier all list given below. You will also get in list including the heroes tier list. This the most popular tier of the Kings Raid game. As a gamer, Kings Raid game’s every character, trier and others part have to know is must important.


Full Kings raid tier List

So it’s a great time to show here the tier list of this game. This game has a lot of tiers. Below is the list of every category tier list.

A-Tier list of Kings raid

Hero Role
Demia Tank
Ricardo Tank, Status Attack
Chase DPS, Support
Fluss DPS
Dimael DPS
Nyx AoE DPS, Dispeller
Maria Status Attack, Buffer
Lucias Support
Juno Cleanser, Support
Cassandra Support, Status Attack
Gremory Support, DPS

Kings raid tier B-Tier List

Hero Role
Dosarta Tank
Gau Tank, Status Attacker, Support
Priscilla DPS, Support
Tanya DPS, Status Attack, Dispeller
Nia Breaker
Arch DPS, Support, Breaker
Zafir AoE DPS
Shamilla DPS, Support, Breaker
Lakrak Status Attack, AoE DPS
Lilia DPS, Support
Mediana Healer, Support
Laias Support, Healer
Baudouin Support, Status Attack
Cecilia Burst DPS

C-Tier List

Hero Role
Phillop Tank, Burst DPS, Support, Healer
Aselica Support, Tank
Kasel DPS, Debuffer
Naila DPS, Debuffer
Seria Breaker
Laudia DPS
Ezekiel Debuffer, Breaker
Erze AoE DPS
Epis DPS
Luna DPS
Kara Support
Rodina DPS
Oddy Support
Cleo AoE DPS
Shea Support
Kaulah Support, Debuffer, Status Attack
Isolet Support, DPS
Ripine DPS
Riheet AoE DPS
Talisha Support
Yuria Burst DPS

D-Tier List of Kings Raid

Hero Role
Jane Tank, Burst DPS
Neraxis Tank
Viska Burst DPS, Debuffer
Reina DPS
Gladi DPS, Support
Selene DPS
Yanne DPS
Crow AoE DPS
Chrisha AoE DPS, Support
Annette Support
Lorraine AoE DPS, Status Attack
Artemia AoE DPS
Aisha DPS
Frey Support, Tank
Shakmeh Tank

F-Tier List

Hero Role
Clause Tank, Debuffer
Morrah Tank, Support
Glenwys Tank
Theo DPS, Debuffer, Buffer
Mitra DPS
Veronica Support
Lewisia DPS
Esker AoE DPS, Support
May Support, Healer
Lavril Support, Healer

List of S-Tier

Hero Role
Loman Tank, Support, Healer
Scarlet DPS, Cleanser, Dispeller
Mirianne DPS
Requina DPS, Blocker
Miruru Debuffer, AoE DPS
Pavel AoE DPS, Status Attack
Ophelia Burst DPS, Support
Rephy Cleanser, Healer
Leo Support, Dispeller
Hilda DPS
Estelle Support
Lucikiel DPS
Pansirone DPS
Xerah DPS

This tier list will focus on the warrior class in King’s Raid. While warriors can be grouped into groups called battleground they have some definite advantages over other classes when it comes to PVP fighting. For example, every warrior has an armor buff which can really add up during a boss battle where you can deal out a lot of damage and kill a lot of important or high health targets. Wearing the right trinkets and enchantments can really help as well and there are many different options available. The key to winning a PVP fight in King’s Raid is using your talents and abilities and positioning to outlast your opponent.

The second tier of this Raid game tier list is defined by the warrior’s ability to tank damage. In a PVP environment, whether you are fighting another player or the computer, warriors are the safest bet for taking on multiple enemies at a time. They offer the best overall stats and are the most flexible choice among all the classes in King’s Raid. On top of this, the warrior’s ability to block also makes it a great choice for PVP pve. If you want to be the best warrior in King’s Raid, then make sure you practice your warrior skills and master all of the abilities and skills available to you.