Johorer Namaz Koto Rakat? কিভাবে পড়বেন দেখুন

Salat is one of a great ways to come back to Allah. One of them Johor is most important. Many Muslim people don’t know how to perform on Johorer Namaz. And also don’t know Johorer Namaz Koto Rakat.

Today I will share everything about Johorer Namaz. If you are looking for Johorer Namaz kivabe pore & koy Rakat. Then this post is only for you. Let’s Get started.


Johorer Namaz Koto Rakat?

The Johorer Namaz total 10 Rakat.  Many people perform in extra 2 Rakat Nofol Namaz. Then with this 2 rakat, then Johorer Namaz will be total 12 Rakat.

Johorer Namaz Kivabe pore?

A huge number of people yet don’t know this question answer. Below the guide that you can follow for learn how to perform in Johorer Namaz.

First four rak’ats of sunnat, then four rak’ats of fard and finally two rak’ats of sunnat. Some people perform two rak’ats of nafl prayers after two rak’ats of sunnat.

  • প্রথমে চার রাকাত সুন্নত,
  • তারপর চার রাকাত ফরজ।
  • সবশেষে দুই রাকাত সুন্নত।
  • কেউ কেউ দুই রাকাত সুন্নতের পর আবার দুই রাকাত নফল নামাজ আদায় করে থাকে।

So guys, This all about the information of Johorer Namaz. Visit our next post to know more.