e Porcha check online by eporcha.gov.bd (ই-পর্চা অনলাইন)

E-Porcha is a revenue document that records all the land ownership details of a property. This is helpful for revenue purposes. These documents prepared ownership and assessed land development tax. This is also known as Khatiyan, in Bangladesh, there are many types of Khatian. All the information is recorded on Porcha such as ROR documents, JL no, CS and RS number, and Mouja, and Khatiyan number. ROR refers to the Record of Right.

In 2022, people can check their porcha recode online. Earlier all the owner will visit their nearest ministry of land office to check the current status of their porcha. But now this checking method is very easy. Anyone can check it online through the ministry of the land department website. Bangladesh government launched eporcha gov bd web server. From this server, people will check e porcha, Khatian, and Namjari.

Bangladeshi citizens will check all this critical information online. That’s why it’s called e Porcha. From here you can know all about the e porcha system in BD and the checking method.


E-Porcha check online in BD

Now all the land ownership of Bangladeshi citizens can easily check their land E-Porcha status through www.eporcha.gov.bd. Following some steps, you can easily check it at home. Given below the process step by step.

E-Porcha check online in BD

Step 1: Visit on Ministry of land’s official website www.eporcha.gov.bd 

Step 2: On the home page Select Ledger Search

Step 3: After clicking on the Ledger or Khatiyan search website will provide a new page.

Step 4: On the new page, select Category & District.

Step 5: Select Porcha type (RS, SA, BRS, CS)

Step 6: Now Enter your Ledger no, Mouza, Spot No, Ownership Name, Father/ Husband Name, and Captcha code.

Step 7: At last, click on Search.

Following this method step by step, you can check e-porcha online in Bangladesh.

 eporcha gov bd

This is the ministry of land department’s official website. This web server will provide many important features such as from this website you can check Khatian, E-Porcha, E-Namjari, etc. Providing information like your name, ledger type and number, and division with the district, you can check this information at www.eporcha.gov.bd.

On the other hand, this site also provides Land service, Land service form, Digital guard file, and Khatian online application. So, this website is very helpful for all the land ownership in Bangladesh. E-Porcha website also allows citizen login. People can create an account on this site then they will be allowed to check all the current status to log into their account.

RS Porcha in Bangladesh

This is known as Rivisional Severy. This ledger recorded the total amount of land, original owner name, professor’s name, etc. In Bangladesh, RS is very authentic Khatiyan. You can identify your RS Khatian by some types. Such as it has vertical and two pages, on the RS documents here given district name, Mouja, number of Khatian, owner details, and the second-page possessor of north frontier details. You can check RS porcha on the E-Porcha website.



1.       Jomir Porcha dekbo kivabe?

Answer: You can check jomir Porcha on www.eporcha.gov.bd

2.       How to check e porcha online in BD.

Answer: You will check all the land information such as Khatian, and Namjari on the Ministry of Land Department.