E Khatian Download Online – Check BS & RS Khatian BD (খতিয়ান ডাউনলোড)

E Khatian is a ledger book or a collection of accounts that record all transactions of your account. Every account has an opening balance or carries a forward balance, Khatian would record all transaction calculations both debit and credit in a separate column and at the end of the transaction, Khatian will close it. Khatian is a permanent summary of your account and it is also supporting journals that are providing individual transactions by date.

Earlier people go to the ministry of land office to check their accounting costs and other information. This process is little trouble for all the people. That’s why the Bangladesh government open a web server. Where any can easily check their ledger by providing their account information. From here you can know how to check Khatian online. 


BS Khatian Check BD

BS Khatian means Bangladesh Survey ledger. There are few many ledgers but this type of ledger is more authentic than other ledger. This survey was started in 1970 and still continues in our country. If you want to check BS Khatian online then follow the method step by step. 

1.       To check BS Khatian first you have to visit www.eporcha.gov.bd 

2.       On the main page select Khatian Search.

3.       On the search box type BS and select BS Ledger.

4.       Now Enter your division, and district.

5.       Select Leader type BS.

6.       Now enter your Upazila and Mouza.

After providing all the information correctly you will see your name list and download BS ledger online PDF copy. 

Khatian online application

RS Khatian Check BD

RS means Revisional Survey of Bangladesh. This ledger was conducted as a revisional survey of the CS ledger which is providing & updates the amount of land, possessor name, and owner name. This Khatian is more authentic than the CS ledger. Like BS, CS & RS ledgers there are different kinds of ledgers in our country. If you’re a landowner and want to check RS Khatian then follow the below method.

Step 1: To check Rivisional Severy Khatian visit https://eporcha.gov.bd

Step 2: Select the Khatian Search on the main page.

Step 3: Now Select your Division, District, Mouza.

Step 4: Enter ledger as RS, Ledger No, and enter Captcha code.

Step 5: Now click on Search.

Following these five simple steps, you will check your RS Khatian current status.

E Khatian App

For checking all types of Khatian, the Ministry of Land Department open a mobile app on both android and iOS platforms. So, besides the ministry of the land department now Bangladeshi landowners can easily check all types of ledgers using this mobile app. To check ledger’s current status first you must install the app from the Google play store. Then follow the below process.

1.       Open your Khatian online BD & WB Mobile app.

2.       Now Enter all the information like division, district, Mouza, and Ledger No.

3.       Select ledger type and click on the Search button.

Following this process, you can easily check Khatian using the mobile app.

RS Khatian Download

At present at a time, you can check and download your RS ledger details. You can collect or download a Khatian PDF file from eporcha website. The process is the same as the checking method. So, first, from the ministry of land official website check your RS Khatian status. On the page, you can see a download option to Download your RS Khatian PDF file.

Besides RS Khatian using the same process, you can Download an online ledger PDF file. Not only Rivisional Severy but also you will be able to download all types of online Khatian PDFs from www.eporcha.gov.bd  

Online Khatian Check near Dhaka

From the eporcha website or Khatian mobile app, you will check your all ledger status near the Dhaka division. You will check all types of ledger details near Dhaka through www eporcha gov bd this website. Not only Dhaka this website will provide all divisional land owner ledger details.


1.    How to check Khatian online in Bangladesh?

Answer: Visit www.eporcha.gov.bd to check the Ledger in BD.

2.  What is Khatian?

Answer: It is one kind of document that provides survey for the purpose of determining possession, and ownership details. It is also known as land development Tax.