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The Canadian National Exhibition is an annual event in Canada.  The first Monday of September is scheduled to arrange this major event every year. The exhibition takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, near the exhibition place and lasts for 18 days.  CNE is Canada’s largest annual fair with approximately 1.5 million visitors. It was first started in early 1879. Their main focus was to promote technology and agriculture. Even today, they have kept this as a focus point.

Many engineers, scientists, and agriculturist exhibit their inventions and discoveries at the CNE. This gives an idea about the discoveries and talents of the nation. Many agriculture and technology-related items cover a large part of the CNE. People from various places come to buy and see these latest inventions. If you are also interested in visiting this place, then we will try to give you some promo codes. You can use these codes to get discounts when purchasing your favorite items. In this article, we will try to guide you through the CNE admission prices, CNE opening 2023, and some other information.


How to Buy Tickets:

If you want to enter the CNE fest, you will have to issue a ticket first. Follow the below steps to collect a ticket online.

  • First, send a mail to to obtain your access code
  • Then, visit
  • Go to the “Guest Info” section
  • Click on “Tickets”
  • Click on “Corporate Sales”
  • Click on “Group or Promo Code
  • Complete transaction
  • Print the ticket from any available printer.

At The Gate Rate
If you purchase your CNE tickets AT THE GATE:
Regular Admission $25 dollars (14 to 64 years)
CHILD ADMISSION $20 dollars (5 to13 years) Children under 4 is FREE
Ride all day passes $64.25 (13 and under and 65+) and $69.25 (all ages)

Other Benefits of Tickets

  • Tickets are valid till the end of the exhibition. But, a ticket can be used only once in this duration.
  • Get Express Entry at the gate.
  • Online buyers will receive a discount coupon. They can use this coupon during the CNE.
  • that can be used during the CNE

– Kid’s Passes (5-13 years) FREE (these are distributed from schools)
– $13 opening Day Deal ONLY for August 19th, available at the gate
– Kid’s Toonie Monday (13 years & younger) valid for Aug 22nd and 29th ONLY.
– $11 Nights (Mon-Thurs AFTER 5pm excluding Labour Date)
– EXcelunch Special $19.99: Includes grounds admission from 10 am until 1 pm on weekdays. EXcelunch tickets are available at Saskatchewan Gates, TTC/GO Gates and Princes’ Gates from 10 am to 1 pm weekdays, excluding Labour Day Monday. Refund issued at the same entrance gate if you leave by 2pm.

Will The CNE Open In 2023??

The CNE fest of 2020 was canceled due to the reason of the covid-19 pandemic. Residents hope that things would become normal for them in 2023. The organizers also intended to start the exhibition this year. But, due to current situations, all the major events in the city were canceled. So, the visitors will have to wait one more year to visit their favorite Exhibition Place and hit up their favorite rides, food and retail stalls, and games. 

CNE Coupon Codes 2023

Due to the CNE canceled 2023 news, no promo codes are working at the moment. If the exhibition takes place, new promo and coupon codes will be available on that time. Users will get new coupon codes by purchasing CNE tickets online with the unique corporate codes. 

2023 CNE Dates: August 19 to September 5

New Promo code- 2022FY3N43D7


Final Words

Throughout this article, we tried our best to give you some practical information regarding the CNE fest. You can contact us anytime to ask any related queries. If you have found this article helpful, please support our work by sharing this post with others.