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Ashley Lockhart obituary- Mother Of 6 Killed By Boyfriend

Ashley Lockhart obituary is now available here. on August 6, 2022, 32-Year-Old Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mom of Six Stabbed 18(16) Times to Death Allegedly by Children’s Father. Sad this POS left they 6 daughters motherless and now fatherless. Did this mess in broad daylight leaving the knife in her head. Wicked ass world man. Stop taking these mothers away from their babies!!!

Ashley Lockhart seemed like such an amazing mother too. She spoke life into her daughters, uplifted them. That video of her making her children recite affirmations just broke my heart. I hate this. She didn’t deserve this and now her daughters are left without a mother.

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Ashley Lockhart death news

She was brutally murder yesterday morning by the father of her kids. She was a mother of 6 and recently gave birth. He killed her in broad daylight. They have a go fund me Up for funeral expenses. Mother of 6 found deceased after being (stabbed 18 TIMES) allegedly by her children’s father yesterday.

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Ashley Lockhart had a PFA order on the man she was dating. Police do have a person of interest in custody. Ashley did not survive the stabbing & now her “6 Charms” under the age of 10 have been placed with her family. A go fund me has been created.

On Saturday August 6, 2022 our beautiful Ashley Lockhart was taken so tragic and sudden from her 6 beautiful daughters, family and loved ones. Ashley was an amazing Mother, dedicated working Mother and devoted Mother. She loved all of her children and devoted her time energy and made sacrifices for them that they will forever remember. As this is extremely difficult to process, and unimaginable to even begin to try and move forward, we the family would like to maintain the momentum for the girls. They are returning to school in a few short weeks, and their every day essentials are important for us to make sure they aren’t lacking, as Ashley did. The ages of all of the girls are 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 and 5 months. As a family we will make sure that all “6 Charms” (as Ashley called her girls) stay together and that their Mothers life and legacy is one that they will forever remember. All proceeds will go towards costs and needs for the girls only.

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