Online Birth Certificate Check Bangladesh by now providing Online Birth Certificate Check service. According to the Bangladesh Government’s new system now people can able to check their birthday certificate online. In the past, people can register and check their BR to visit their Union or Township. So earlier process is a little bit of trouble for all the BD people. But now Bangladeshi all people can easily register their BR form online and also check it through the internet. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched another website only for Birth and dead certificate registration and digit checking. The site name is BDRIS.

People can able to check online birthday certificates by visiting the Office of the Register General, Birth, and Death Registration official website. Go to this site and provide your birthday information to get 17-digit number with a full certificate. From here you can also print it and used it. Besides online birth certificate check here we are also providing you birth registration online and verification process. 

Online Birth Certificate Check BD

Now it is mandatory to register for an online digital birthday certificate. Now everywhere need it such as admission time in both Primary and secondary school, make a passport, a driving license, for vaccine registration, etc. Not only do children who have a NID card also should need a digital BR copy and a 17-digit number. So, the digital BR is very important for all of us. To get it everyone should register online. Those who are already registered can now able to check it online by the BDRIS website. So, if you’re want to check your certificate online then visit the Bangladesh BDRIS official website.

 How to get Digital Birth Certificate?

To get a digital birth certificate in Bangladesh at first you have to register for a new BR application. Anyone can register for BR by Bdris’s official website. Go to to complete your registration by providing your all information then complete your payment by visiting your nearest Union, Township, or City Corporation. After submitting your online registration copy. Then you can get a digital birthday certificate within the next 7 days. Applicants received it form online or visiting their Union or Township.

Birth Registration Certificate Check Online Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, now it’s possible to check BR online. Following some simple tasks to check it through the online process. BDRIS also provides a registration Certificate number with a soft copy. So, applicants will also get it from Bangladesh general official website. To complete this task BD citizens must provide their birth certificate 17 digit. Without providing the number they can’t able to check their certificate. So before checking to download it first collect your birth certificate number. If you haven’t this number then contract or visit your City Corporation. 

How to Register birth certificate Online in Bangladesh?

If you’re a new applicant or lost your BR then you can get it again by online registration. So convenient for all Bangladeshi citizens here we are providing an online birth certificate registration process step by step.

Online Birth Certificate Check

  • 1. At first go to this site and select registration for BR.
  • 2. Select your location such as Birth Place, Permanent Address, or Present address.
  • 3. Then click on Next and Enter your all information like your name, date of birth your parent’s details like name, NID number, contract number, etc.
  • 4. After entering all the information correctly then click on the Next button.
  • 5. Upload all necessary papers such as Parents NID card photocopy, BD citizens copy.  Then finished the registration process.

Following this process, you can fill up a birth registration certificate. Remember one thing if it registering for a newborn child then at first her/his parents should register for a digital birthday certificate. 

How to check online birthday certificate Bangladesh?

Now Bangladesh birth certificate checks online are so easy. Given below is the full process to check it online.

  • 1. Visit or
  • 2. Then Enter your 17-digit birth registration number in the box.
  • 3. Provide your date of birth, for example, 1998.11.28 in this format.
  • 4. Enter a simple keyword like 76 + 7 = 83

5. Then click on search. After clicking on search the BDRIS website will provide your birthday registration certificate with full details.

Birth Certificate online Verification BD:

If you’re verification you’re all the information, now it is also very easy and people verify their BR certificate within a few minutes. In the past, this process is a little bit difficult and take a lot of time. But now all the processes are digital, in this digital era people can now able to check and verify their BR online. Without visiting the City Corporation or union office now it can be done by Bdris official website. To verify your birthday registration certificate visit then enter your number and date of birth to verify your digital birthday certificate.


1. How can I get a birth certificate in Bangladesh?

Answer: You can collect a BR certificate from a Union officer or Township Mayor.

2. How can I verify my birth certificate online in Bangladesh?

Answer: Visit to verification your BR certificate.

3. How can I get my English birth certificate online?

Answer: To get an English birthday certificate at first you have to register for a digital birth certificate by GRO or BDRIS official website.

4. How do I download my birth certificate from Bangladesh?

Answer: To download your Birthday certificate visit on BDRIS website then click on BR Application Print then provide Application ID and Date of birth to download your digital birthday certificate 2022.

Besides the BR certificate from here, you can also know the National Identity Card check and Download process both Temporary and Smart NID Card.