Top 10 National University in Dhaka 2022 [Detail Review]

In Bangladesh, the National University of NU is a parent University that was established by an affiliate university of the country to impact graduate and Postgraduate programs to the students through its affiliated colleges in the country. According to the world enrollment, it is the 3rd largest university. The NU university is established in Gazipur District on 11.39 acres area of land in Dhaka Division. More than 28 lakh students are studying at this University. There are 2,254 affiliated colleges under National University and 1658 affiliated colleges are in Dhaka Division.

All those colleges have many academic departments like the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and so many others. For these reasons before admission to NU, students are looking for those colleges that are best under National University. So, at all the candidate’s convenience here we are providing the top & best National University in Dhaka Division.

Top 10 National University in Dhaka list

Before choosing a college list, all the candidates think about which colleges are best for them. As students are searching for the top ten ranking colleges under NU. Every year college ranking is changed. Here you find updates and the latest top NU university ranking 2022 list.

 1. Dhaka Commerce College:

Dhaka Commerce College is an Honours & Masters level University in Mirpur, Dhaka. It is the top 1 rank university in 2022. DCC is established in 1989 and it is the first college in Dhaka, especially for business Studies students. Here Bangali and English versions of education are available. The founder of this college is Professor Kazi Nurul Islam Faruk. In 2019 Dhaka Commerce College was awarded as the best university in Bangladesh. Higher secondary education is also starting since the 2019-2020 session. Here educates from HSC level to Post Graduate. In Honours and Master level DCC has a total of 18 departments.

Dhaka Commerce College
Dhaka Commerce College Campas

Address: Dhaka Commerce College Road, Mirpur 2, Dhaka.


 2. Dhaka City College

In 2022 the second-ranking university under NU is Dhaka City College. Like Dhaka Commerce College people also called this college DCC.  It is the oldest National university in Bangladesh. It was established in 1957 in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Dhaka City university educates Honours, Master and Degree level programs also Secondary Higher Education (HSC) level. This college is also affiliated with the NU of Bangladesh. DCC college’s founder is Md. Anwar Hossain and the Chief of the university governing is Md. Syed Madasser Ali. For honors-level have a total of 21 departments, Graduate Program has 8 departments and the Undergraduate program has 5 departments in this university. Besides these programs, the HSC level has 3 groups Science, Humanities and Business Studies.

Dhaka City College
Dhaka City College Campas

Language: Bangla & English both versions.

Address: House No #88, Road #2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.


3. Siddheswari College, Dhaka

It is a higher secondary education institution and NU-affiliated college in Dhaka.  Among the top ten universities, it is the 3rd ranking college in 2022. Siddheswari College is located at Ramna Thana, Dhaka and it was established in 1962. This University stands on 0.52 acres of land and the college’s decorations are beautiful. Besides HSC the university also offers a Degree, Honours and Master’s level Program. There are three facilities in this institution as Faculty of Arts and Social Science, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Business Studies. Among these 3 faculties have a total of 17 Department.


 4. Adamjee Cantonment College

According to the 2022 report, this is the ranking 4 no university in Dhaka District. Adamjee College is a reputed Higher Secondary Education, Honours and Master Degree level program. It was established in 1960 at Shaheed Sharani, Dhaka Cantonment area of Dhaka City. The founder of this college is Gul Muhammad Adamjee. In this university, all program educates only Bangla medium. HSC level has all groups department and other two programs such as Honours have 19 Department and Master Degree level has 9 departments in this Institution. Among the National universities, it is the fourth rank University, so in Dhaka Division students can choose this University.


 5. Lalmatia Mohila College

Lalmatia Mohila College is the top 5 NU college in Dhaka. This college has only under Graduate Program and an HSC level program. That means here educates honors-level program and higher Secondary Education level program. In 2015 it was top 10 ranking in Bangladesh after 7 NU college affiliated in Dhaka University now it’s ranking top-up #5 no. This college was established in 1991 at Lalmatia B block, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1206. In the Honours level program, there is 11 department in this college. HSC and Honours educate in Bangla Version.


 6. Siddheswari Girls College

To promoted woman’s education, the college was established in 1986. It is also affiliated college of the National University. The college is located on New Bailey Road in Dhaka. Bailey Road is the heart of Dhaka’s capital city in Bangladesh. The founder of this institute was Kaniz Mahmuda Akhtar. In the begging time this college educates only in Higher Secondary programs but now it educates Under Graduate Program and Master’s degree programs under NU. There are 8 departments both of the program and HSC level have all groups. All the program is Bangla version.


7. Dania University College

It is the other oldest and best National college in Dhaka. It was established in 1984. Donia college is located in Jatrabari, Dhaka. Starting this college there have only HSC level program after starting Honours, Masters and Degree level program then its name is also known as Duniya University college. In Jatrabari, it is one of the best University Under NU. There is 13 department both the honors and Masters’s level program. Besides NU it is also the top university for HSC level catagories in Dhaka.


8. Tejgoan College

The ranking 8th position is Tejgoan College. This is another National University in Dhaka District. About 50 years old college is Tejgoan College and it is established in 1961 in Farmgate, Dhaka. In 1996 this institution’s name was Dhaka Night college then in 2013, this college name was the present name. TC college founder was Shafiqul Islam. Tejgoan College educates Professional Honours and Masters level program. Professional Honours courses have 4 departments and Masters’s level programs have 15 departments in this college. This college has so many Co-curricular activities. Only Bangla medium is available in TC.

Address: Indira Road, Farmgate, Dhaka


9. Khilgoan Model University

The college is also known as Khilgoan Model University college. In 2022 it is ranked in the top #9 No college under National University in Dhaka. In 1960 it was established at Khilgoan Model Town near Khilgoan crossroad, Dhaka. The founder of this Institution is Kanai Lal Sarkar. In the Honours level program, there is 13 department in this institute.


 10. Alhaj Mockbul Hassain University College:

It is one of the top colleges in Dhaka and this is the top 10 number University in 2022. It was established in 1993 at Sadek Khan Road, Dhaka. Mockbul Hassain institute is an MPO-affiliated National University college in Dhaka. Here educates HSC level all groups such as Science Humanities and Business group. Besides these programs it also educates Honours, Masters and MBA professional-level programs. Around 13K students are studying in these programs. There is a total of 7 departments for each program.


These are the updated top and best National University colleges in Dhaka. Form this list choose your best college and admission those colleges. Besides National University top here you can also find the Top 10 Public University list and Top 10 National University college in Bangladesh 2022.