Diverse Channels, One Goal: Diving in Multi-Channel Customer Support

What makes you think that customers will take the pain to wait for several minutes to resolve a query or ask a question? With all the technological advancements, waiting doesn’t make sense. Customers want prompt solutions and answers. They don’t want to suffer while waiting as it makes them feel less valued by their favorite brands.

To cater to the customers, many companies have shifted their traditional customer services to multi-channel support. Multi-channel support system ensures that the customers don’t have to wait for a bit and get all the answers they want with convenience.

With multi-channel customer support, customers can interact with the brands via live chats, emails, forums, social media, and calls. Having diversified mediums of communication, customers can connect with the companies in a way they in a way they want.

But why does multi-channel customer support matter so much? Not only does quality customer service resolve customers’ queries but also plays a vital role in building the brand’s image. Here, we’ll go through some major benefits of multi-channel customer support. So, let’s go then:

1. Convenient:

A good enough reason to go for multi-channel customer support is that while millennials prefer online mediums to connect with a support agent, baby boomers still rank the traditional methods a little higher. By providing people with the care and comfort they desire, a company can build and maintain the brand loyalty they want.

Moreover, people’s choices may differ. For example, customers might email or chat for menial problems and call the support agents for the complex ones. Having different mediums of communication may showcase that the company prioritizes people’s ease.

2. Efficient:

Being efficient doesn’t only mean delivering the services on time. It also means to be on point while providing those services. With a multi-channel system, brands can be more effective and efficient.

Have you ever heard the question “Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years”? Companies forecast for the future and it’ll be great for them if they have multi-channel customer support. Eventually, businesses grow and so do their customers.

With an increasing customer base, it means more service or product-related queries. So, with a multi-channel system, companies can cater to more customers. Moreover, it may not be necessary for your customer base to speak only one language.

With business expansion, customers speaking different languages become your part. So, multi-channel customer support enables you to integrate different languages. Here’s an example of Windstream.

They are internet and telephone service providers in the USA. Having an assorted customer base, the majority of which speaks Spanish, they have integrated Spanish customer support via Windstream servicio al cliente.

So, either they or their customers don’t have to worry about a communication gap or language barrier when it comes to establishing a connection. They ensure seamless and uninterrupted customer care via online support, chats, emails, and social media to their Spanish customers, making them feel valued at every step.

3. Customer Satisfaction:

Along with resolving queries and providing solutions, customer support centers have to ensure that the customers are satisfied with them. There’s no point in any service if the end-user, that is, the customer is not feeling valued.

With a multi-channel support system, allowing people to connect with you via a social media page can have a lasting impact on them. Many customers may find it gruesome to go on a website first, then find the contact or email, and at last, finally reach out to the support agent.

Instead, it’ll make things hassle-free for them to search your page on social media and directly reach out to you.

4.Customer Analytics:

For any growing brand, customer insights are vital in many ways. First, businesses can access their market standing. Second, they can measure the satisfaction levels of their customer. And lastly, it works as a catalyst for businesses to improve their operations.

However, a single medium of communication may hinder the customer’s feedback. With greater accessibility, multi-channel support systems can gather, analyze, and work on a larger chunk of customer feedback than a traditional call center. Moreover, the collection of data also becomes easy with multi-channel customer support.

5. Cost-Effective:

Running a multi-channel system may not be as cheap as running a traditional call center. But considering the benefits of multi-channel customer support, the advantages are far more than the cost of it.

Moreover, any business with a single motive of making money cannot become successful. Until the brands prioritize customers over profits, they are bound to fail. So, if you’re thinking that setting up a multi-channel support system will cost you big, think again!

Customer satisfaction and loyalty that comes with it may become the reason for your heavy wallet in the future.

6. Less Pressure on Support Agents:

Most of the multi-channel support centers have AI chatbots working beside the support agents. While customer agents do their work, the chatbots can refine the FAQs and generic queries and answer them.

Integrating artificial intelligence with your multi-channel system can do wonders. The support providers won’t have to spend time-solving menial problems. The time they can otherwise spend on resolving more complex queries.

In addition to FAQs, bots can also manage queries on social media pages, taking the burden off the actual agents. However, chatbots can also transfer a complex query to the agents if they’re unable to answer it. In this way, customer specialists would feel more relieved, while still providing multi-channel care to the customers.

Closing Up:

With time and growing customer’s needs and wants, a multi-channel support system is becoming an essential part of business operations. Customers feel valued and satisfied when they are provided with the options. Moreover, multi-channel support benefits the business in many ways that a traditional call center can only imagine doing so.