HSC Result 2023 pass rate 93.58%. Result published

A few minutes ago, the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) result has been released by our Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni. Today in the morning at 10 AM Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially announced the results. This year the passing rate of the HSC exam is 93.58% percent. Last year it was 98.86 percent. In previous years that means HSC 2020 exam 100% of students are passed for auto pass system.

According to the Ministry of Education Board, the average pass rate in the HSC examination is 93.58%. This time number of examinees was around 20 lakh 54 thousand 876 students. Of these, 19 lakh 90 thousand 85 students have passed. Under the nine general education boards, the average pass rate in the HSC examination is 95.89 percent.

রেকর্ড পরিমান A+ ও সর্বোচ্চ পাশের হার নিয়ে একটু পর প্রকাশিত হতে যাচ্ছে এইচএসসি রেজাল্ট!
# **এইচ.এস.সি রেজাল্ট ২০২৩ঃ-
পাশের হার ৯৩.৫৮%
ঢাকা বোর্ড -৯৮.০৭%
যশোর বোর্ড-৯৮.৯৭%
রাজশাহী বোর্ড-৯৯.১১%
সিলেট বোর্ড-৯৭.০৩
দিনাজপুর বোর্ড-৯৭.৩৭
কুমিল্লা বোর্ড-৯৮.১৭%
চট্টগ্রাম বোর্ড-৯৮.০১%
বরিশাল বোর্ড-৯৮.৩৭%
ময়মনসিংহ বোর্ড-৯৮.৫০%**
# *মাদ্রাসা বোর্ডে পাসের হার ৯৫ দশমিক ৪৯ শতাংশ।*
# **সবার জন্য শুভকামনা🥰

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Under the nine Education boards, 19 lakh candidates have passed. And 1 lakh 35 thousand 784 candidates got GPA-5. Last year, 42,878 HSC candidates got a GPA-5 which is 3.08 percent of the total candidate.

Eighty percent of GPA-5 recipients are in the Science Group and out of the total Candidates those are got GPA-5, 1 out of 3 are from Dhaka Board students. Under Dhaka Board 57 thousand 886 candidates got GPA-5. Comilla Education Board got the lowest GPA-5 that is only 4 thousand 366 candidates.

Under the all-education board 1 lakh 54 thousand 723 are science group. 19,477 are candidates of humanities and 17,782 candidates are business Studies.

On the other hand, most of the candidates who got GPA-5 are female students. The girls are ahead for GPA-5.

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