HSC Admission College List 2022 PDF Download

Bangladesh Education Board announced the HSC Admission application date. On 8th January HSC Admission 2022 will be start and the HSC college admission 2022 circular also published on the XI admission website. Today xiclassadmission website published colleges list 2022.  Here Students can see all the college list in Bangladesh. students can download this full college list of Bangladesh or students can download the board-wise college list to choose HSC Admission colleges 2022. From the list, students can see gov. Or non-gov both colleges.

From the XI College list, students can also see the college version and shift. College Version means English or Bangla Version and College shift means which shift college start like Morning Shift, Day Shift, or Evening Shift. All details are given in the xiclassadmission.gov.bd college list. To see all college lists of Bangladesh students should download the XI college list pdf file.

 HSC Admission All Colleges List 2022

Xi Class Admission board published All college list 2022 and Colleges Shift and version. College list public on xiclassadmission website. On this website, you can see XI college admission all list 2022 or you can download the college list on this site. You can also xiclassadmission.gov.bd college list in this article.

Download XI admission all college list in this link: www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd 

Or you can also download XI all College list 2022 pdf file on this page. To download the college list please click this link.

HSC Admission Colleges list 2022.pdf

Board Wise College List 2022

Besides xiclassaddmission college list students are also see board wish college list 2022. xiclassaddmission.gov.bd also published board wise college list on their website. You can download the board wish list college list 2022 on this website or you can download Board wise college list pdf file on this page.

Download Board wise college list 2022 visit this website: www.xiclasseaddmission.gov.bd 

Or download Board wise college list 2022 pdf file click this link:

Board wise college list 2022.pdf

xiclassadmission.gov.bd board wise college list 2022

Bangladesh Education Board published XI Class Admission Board wise college list 2022. To see Board wish HSC college Admission list visit www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd. Besides the XI Class Admission website you can also see board wise college list on this page:

1. Dhaka Board College list 2022.pdf Download

2. Comilla Board College list 2022.pdf Download

3. Rajshahi Board College List 2022.pdf Download

4. Chittagong Board College List 2022.pdf Download

5. Barisal Board College List 2022.pdf Download

6. Dinajpur Board College List 2022.pdf Download

7. Mymensingh Board College List 2022.pdf Download

8. Jessore Board College List 2022.pdf Download

9. Madrasa Board College List 2022.pdf Download

In the above click on a specific link or click on the download option to download the XI Class board wise college list.

Top College in Dhaka Board 2022:

There are many govt. and non-govt. College in Dhaka city. XI Class Admission 2022 is going on. So, Students are in the Dhaka board confused about which colleges are ranked top 10 in 2022. Here are the top 10 colleges on Dhaka board:

Top Colleges in Rajshahi Board 2022:

Rajshahi College is the rank one college on the Rajshahi board. Given the below top 10 colleges on the Rajshahi board:

Top College in Chittagong Board

Here students of the Chittagong Board can see top-rank colleges in 2022. In the below see top college in Chittagong Board 2022:

Top College in Jessore Board

In the below see top college in Jessore board 2022

Top College in Comilla Board

Here Comilla Board students see top colleges in Comilla Board so they can choose 10 colleges for xi class admission 2022. Below is the list: 

Top College in Dinajpur Board

In 2022 there are few changes in college ranking. Below is the Dinajpur Board top college list 2022:

Top College in Barisal Board

Barisal Board students can see here top-rank college in 2022. Barisal Board top college list are:

The top college in Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh is the new education Board of Bangladesh. Here is the list of Mymensingh board: 

HSC admission Top College

Most students search for top xi admission colleges before applying for XI Class Admission. Here is the top college list of Bangladesh 2022:

Here we are providing the Top 10 HSC Admission colleges in 2022.

Minimum GPA for all Board College 2022

Different colleges required different points for admission. To get admission to a top college a student needs GPA-5 and a good Marks. Here is the list of all college minimum GPA in 2022.

Here you can also see the number of seats for each college.

Minimum GPA for XI Class Admission 2022.pdf

Number of Seat for all colleges 2022.pdf

Download this pdf file to see the minimum GPA and all college total number of seats.