How to Get Over Discomfort from New Ski Gloves

Skiing is an exciting and memorable winter activity that brings pure joy to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. However, the experience can quickly turn complicated and overwhelming if your skiing gear isn’t up to scratch. One common source of discomfort for skiers, both men and women, is wearing new ski gloves. 

Ski gloves for women and men are essential for warmth and protection but can sometimes cause discomfort because of stiffness or improper fit. If you find yourself struggling to break in your men’s and women’s ski gloves, don’t stress! We have you covered! Here are a few simple tips you can use to get rid of discomfort and ensure a comfortable skiing experience.

  1. Choose the Right Size

One of the most common causes of discomfort from ski gloves is wearing the wrong size. Bad-fitting ski gloves have the power to constrict movement which can even lead to  numbness in your hands. When choosing ski gloves, be sure to choose a size that allows for a snug yet comfortable fit. Your gloves should provide enough room for your fingers to move freely without being too loose or too tight. Many manufacturers offer sizing guides that will help you find the ideal fit, so be sure to refer to these when making your ski glove selection.

  • Break Them In

Like any new piece of equipment, ski gloves need to break-in. By breaking them in you are able to soften the material. To speed up this process, wear your new gloves around the house for short periods before hitting the slopes. Flex your fingers and make fists to help stretch the material and loosen any stiffness. Also consider adding a leather conditioner or waterproofing treatment to the gloves to help soften the material and enhance flexibility.

  • Use a Liner

If your new ski gloves are particularly uncomfortable or stuff, consider wearing a thin liner glove underneath. Liner gloves provide an extra layer of insulation and can help cushion your hands from any abrasive materials inside the gloves. Keep an eye out for lightweight, moisture-wicking liner gloves for maximum warmth and comfort. 

  • Adjust the Fit

Most ski gloves feature adjustable closures, such as Velcro straps, that allow you to customize the gloves fit for optimal comfort. Take the time to adjust these closures to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit around your wrists. A properly secured closure will help prevent snow and cold air from entering the gloves while also minimizing bulkiness and restriction of movement.

  • Break Them In with Moisture

To speed up the break-in process for stiff ski gloves, consider adding a bit of moisture to the equation. Dampen a clean cloth with warm water and gently wipe down the exterior of the gloves, paying particular attention to any areas that feel especially stiff or tight. The moisture will help soften the material, making it more pliable and comfortable to wear. Just be sure to allow the gloves to air dry completely before wearing them again.

  • Give Them Time

Sometimes, the best solution for discomfort from new ski gloves is simply to give them time to break in naturally. Wear your gloves regularly during skiing sessions, and over time, you’ll notice that they become more comfortable as the material softens and molds to your hands. Be patient and persistent, and before you know it, your gloves will feel like a second skin.

  • Consider Professional Alterations

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to get comfortable in your new ski gloves, consider seeking professional alterations. A skilled tailor or outdoor gear specialist can make adjustments to the gloves, such as trimming excess material or reinforcing seams, to improve fit and comfort. While this option may require an additional investment, it can be well worth it for the sake of enjoying a pain-free skiing experience.

In Conclusion

Discomfort from new ski gloves is a common challenge that many skiers face. However, with patience, persistence, and these tips, you can overcome this and enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience. 

Whether you’re breaking in stiff leather gloves or adjusting the fit of synthetic ones, these tips will help you get the most out of your women’s ski gloves and ensure a memorable time on the slopes. Get the best womens ski gloves from Snow+Rock today and take to the slopes in comfort and style. 

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