How to choose the best CBD for sale online

Consumers are increasingly incorporating CBD products into their daily routines to support health and wellness. Whether it’s to boost vitality, relieve stress, or improve sleep, CBD products can benefit you in many ways.

However, like just about every other wellness supplement, the quality of CBD for sale varies vastly from brand to brand. Many people turn to the Internet to buy CBD because it’s convenient and gives them access to a much larger selection of products. It’s also easier to research and assess the quality of products and the reputability of brands online.

Finding high-quality CBD is crucial because it will impact your CBD experience. While subpar products may be ineffective or even unsafe, well-crafted products should deliver optimal results.

With this in mind, customers need to know what to look for when shopping for CBD online.

Lack of Regulation in the CBD Market

The biggest problem with CBD is a lack of regulation in the market. There aren’t any federal laws requiring companies to test CBD formulas and no organization overseeing what they put on the market.

Essentially, the CBD market is the wild west. A free for all that allows unscrupulous companies to slip through the cracks. Some have seen the booming popularity of CBD as a good opportunity to make a quick buck. Choosing profit over quality, they cut corners along the way, resulting in poor-quality products.


Numerous studies have found multiple products don’t contain the amount of CBD they claim they do. Some may not even contain any CBD at all. More worrisome, there have been reports of contaminated CBD products containing harmful toxins, like pesticides.

Fortunately, there are plenty of trustworthy and reputable CBD brands. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and finding them. 

Choosing the Best CBD for Sale Online

Shopping for CBD online is a good idea because it gives you access to important information to help you find the best CBD products. 

Unlike in-store shopping, which requires you to speak to a sales consultant (who may be unable to help) and move from store to store, everything is at your fingertips online. 

Here are our top tips for finding the best CBD for sale.

Source of Hemp

Where and how the hemp is grown has a big impact on the CBD extracted from the plant. Hemp crops are bio accumulators, meaning they absorb everything from the soil they grow, both good and bad.

Always buy CBD from brands that source hemp from regulated farms that follow organic and sustainable farming practices. The use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides must be avoided since they can contaminate end products.

Third-Party Lab Reports

Despite it not being regulation, reputable companies send CBD formulas to independent labs for testing to ensure what they’re selling meets high-quality standards. The lab results should be available to view without much effort.

Lab testing aims to check that CBD products are pure, potent, and safe. More specifically, to get an evaluation of the full cannabinoid content and verify that the product isn’t contaminated with harmful toxins. 

Lab reports should help you check that a product contains as much CBD as it claims to and is also a good way to verify that organically-grown hemp is used. 

Be sure to check the authenticity of the laboratory and corresponding lab reports. A quick Google search should help you determine the trustworthiness of the lab. 

Moreover, lab reports should be comprehensive. Consider a report that only shows CBD concentration versus one that also includes other cannabinoid testing and safety profiles. The latter is more transparent and useful.

Extraction Method

The extraction method used to draw CBD from hemp plants is an important factor affecting the end product’s quality. Supercritical CO2 extraction is considered the best, despite it being a more expensive and complex method.

It’s highly efficient, safe, and relatively gentle on the active ingredients in the hemp plant. The result is top-grade end products that are pure and safe for users and the environment. 

Additional Ingredients

Most CBD products contain additional ingredients, like essential oils, terpenes, flavoring, or carrier oils, to enhance effects or improve taste.

For the most part, CBD formulas should be all-natural. Preferably, products must be organic and contain non-GMO ingredients to optimize safety and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways: Finding the Best CBD Products Online

Finding top-quality CBD for sale is key to optimizing your CBD experience. While poor-quality products are likely ineffective and perhaps even unsafe, high-quality CBD delivers optimal results. 

When shopping for the best CBD online, the key factors include hemp source, third-party lab reports, extraction method, and additional ingredients. While there are other things to consider, like company reputation, these make up the core of a good-quality CBD product.