Gold Price in Bangladesh Today-1 Vori 18K, 21K, 22K (January 2022)

In Bangladesh day by day, the gold prices will be changeable. Gold prices continue to rise and fall in BD. There are many types of gold in Bangladesh 18K, 19K, 22K and 24K. All types of gold Prices rise this week. Here you can know today’s market o price of gold for all types. In BD there is a high demand for gold for a different type of gold. Here K means carat, carat defines the gold type. Different type of gold carat price is different.

In this country girls and women are eager to purchase gold. Before buying or selling gold you have to know today’s market price of gold. Because everyday gold price up to and down. So first of all, you know the gold update price in the market for buy or sell. Here you can know today’s gold price in Bangladesh. In the below, you know all about gold.

 Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

The price of gold in your country always fluctuates. All the people like women and girls are very much interested in gold. On many occasions and special days, they wear gold or go to the market for buying new gold metal like earrings, chains, etc. Gold is so much expensive and ambitious metal for this reason once upon a time there are no gold mines in our country. But nowadays Bangladesh imports different kinds of gold from other countries. Bangladesh imports from other countries for this case in our country the price of gold is increasing day by day.

real gold
real gold

For gold, BD will depend on other countries. Bangladesh imports gold from many countries like the USA, India, Australia, Dubai, UAE, etc. Gold prices are so lower than Bangladesh in these countries. So, many people in our country want to buy gold from other countries. Now we are providing you with today’s latest news about gold in our country.

The gold price is frequently increasing. At present, the Price of gold is very expensive and high in Bangladesh. Today 1-gram gold price is approx. 4928 Taka. If we calculate 1-ounce gold then the price is approx. 153,252 Taka. In the same process for 1 Kilogram, the gold price is 4927749 Taka. Most of the women in BD are buying gold different jewelry items. So, we are providing you today with all gold items prices in Bangladesh. 

Types of Gold in Bangladesh

Before knowing the gold price, one should know which carat of gold has how much gold. Then you should decide which type of gold you want. Here is the list of all the different kinds of carat. Gold can be divided into several parts such as 10 carats, 18 carats, 21 carats and 24 carats, etc. All of these 24K is Pure gold other have gold plus other metals like Iron, Copper, etc.

  • 24K carat has 100% Gold, so 24K carat is called pure gold.
  • 22K carat have 91.7% Gold, after 24K this is the most expensive gold type.
  • 18K carat has 75% Gold, it is the middle type of gold.
  • 14K carat = 58.3 % gold, 12K = 50% gold.
  • 10K carat is the cheapest type of gold here is only 41.7% Gold.

Gold Vori Price in Bangladesh:

In the MKG system, the gold measurements unit is Kilograms. Most countries like to measure gold by using the MKG method. But in our county generally, people are measured gold by Vori. People are converted into vori in our country. In BD people, they’re commonly asked to know much gold price in vori? So, for people’s convenience, we are also providing you with today’s gold market price in vori. Gold prices are different from different types of gold. So here given all types of gold prices in Vori.

Different Categories Gold Price in Bangladesh:

In our county there are mostly 3 categories gold is used. For weddings, gifts, or ordinary jewelry these 3 types of gold are mostly used in Bangladesh. These are 22K, 21K, and 18K categories gold. So, in the below given these 3 categories current price in Bangladesh 2022.

22K gold Price in BD

In the above we can already know that 22K have 91.7% is gold. So, 22-carat gold 91% have gold metal other parts made of Silver, Copper, etc. This type of gold is mixed with pure gold and this gold is long-lasting and heavier to use. 22-carat gold has a little less pure gold than 24K gold. At present 22K gold Price in Bangladesh is 74,300 Taka BDT per 1 vori or Kilograms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all things were priced highly so gold prices are very expensive for this reason.

 21K gold price in Bangladesh

21K gold price is something less than 22K gold. Previously 21K gold price is 6K BDT Taka for 1 vori or Kilograms but after the coronavirus pandemic, the Bangladesh Jewelry Association has increased it to 1017.00 Taka Per 1 vori gold. So, the new price of 21K gold is 7071 Taka. But the price is raising today again the last update 21K gold price in BD is 72,300 Taka.

18K gold price

The different types of carat different types of gold. 18K gold be less pure gold than 24K, 22K and 21K gold. So 18K gold price is also less for this reason. This gold previous price was 5250 Taka. But now this price is increasing by 18K gold price approx 6250 BDT per vori or Kilograms. This is the last update price of 18K gold. But traditional gold for this type is sold at less price.

24K gold is not flexible for jewelry. So, this type of gold is not sold in a Jewelry shop. But we are providing you with knowledge about this type of Gold and market price. Here are the details about 24K carat gold.

24K gold price in Bangladesh

24 carat have 100% gold, so this type of gold says original gold or pure gold. This type of gold has no other metal, all metal is gold in 24K gold. This is the most expensive gold on the gold list. Its color is brighter and yellow than other types of gold. This gold is not suitable for ordinary jewelry because this gold is too heavy for wearing so this gold is sold in coins and bars. According to the new price list, this gold market price is too much for all Gold. According to the last update, the 24K gold price in BDT is 8270 Taka. 

24 Carat gold pic
24 Carat gold

Kitco Gold Price

According to the Kitco last update, the price of 1 ounce of gold is approx 1807 USD. This type of gold price is also little increased from the previous years. Not only have gold prices increased but also all other metals like copper, silver, platinum, and palladium price have also increased day by day. The gold analysis concluded that this price will be more increased future. 

Gold Update Price in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh updated price of gold is very high than previous. This increasing time the BAJUS is helping for decreasing the price of gold. This organization has moved of the price decrease because this price of gold falls in the world gold market. After the COVID-19 pandemic prices of gold are very expensive at this time. For this expensive price lot of gold, businessmen face a massive lot.

Here is the list of all caret gold update prices in Bangladesh. Given below is a gold price table according to Bangladesh Jualiary Association price.

New Gold Price in Bangladesh 2022

As the COVID-19 situation, nowadays new Gold is very much expensive in Bangladesh. According to the International market price, Bangladesh Jewelry Samity has decided to increase the gold price per vori. In Bangladesh different type of new gold has different price.

After this pandemic situation is normal to hope this influence price will be down. Here we will provide a new Gold Current Price in our country.

Used Gold Price in Bangladesh:

For in this category, used Gold is 10-25% lower price than the new gold price in BD. But this type of gold depends on the seller and gold condition. If the gold condition is better then you will get 2 or 3 % more price for this category’s gold. Here is the list of all types of used Gold Current prices in Bangladesh. For 24K used Gold, 15% price will be less than the new old price. For 22K gold, this rate will be 20% less, for 21K used gold seller will be given 80% price for used gold and the last one is 18K gold. For this type of used gold, the price will be less than 25% than a new price.

Gold Buying System in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are found 2 types of gold buyers. First, one is buying at low prices and selling it at a high rate. The second one is to buy gold from a jewelry shop. According to reports, most ordinary people buy gold. These people are buying gold jewelry for making ordinary jewelry for wearing. Using these two-methods gold buying and selling in Bangladesh.

Silver and Gold Current Price in Bangladesh Today

Here is the list of Today’s Silver and Gold Current prices in BD. For all people’s convenience given below is a current gold price list according to the BAJUS 2022.

SL. No

Name of Gold and Silver

Net Weight

Current Price


22 Carat Gold

Per Gram

6300 BDT


21 Carat Gold

6030 BDT


18 Carat Gold

5280 BDT


Sanaton Gold

4395 BDT


22 Carat Silver

130 BDT


21 Carat Silver

123 BDT


18 Carat Silver

105 BDT


Sanaton Silver

80 BDT

In this chat given Today’s current silver and gold prices in our country.

1 Vori Gold Price in Bangladesh

For gold buying and selling, Bangladesh used the Vori unit. People have commonly used this unit. So other unit system people have less knowledge in Bangladesh people. So here given all types of gold prices in the vori system.

22K 1 Vori Sonar Dam 73,458 Taka.

21K 1 Vori Sonar Dam 70,309 Taka.

18K 1 Vori Sonar Dam 61,564 Taka.

Gold Weight Calculation:

In Bangladesh, the gold weight calculated is Vori, Ratii and Aana systems. Many people from Bangladesh don’t know how much in 1-gram vori/ Aana/ Ratti. So here we are providing you gold calculation system in different units.

For vori system, 1 vori = 12.67 Gram, 16 Aana and 64.08 Ratti on the other hand for Gram system, 1 Gram = 0.085 Vori, 5.5 Ratti and ,1.37 Anaa.

Gold Rate Today in BD:

Every day the gold rate will be changing in Bangladesh but this rate always increasing. This increased rate is approx. 139.40 BDT Taka per ounce. According to the Jewelry Association of Bangladesh, today’s gold rate is 5075.50 Taka per gram for pure gold. In percentage price rate is increasing 0.09%

Major Reason for rising gold price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Gold prices rising biggest reason is weddings. Because on this day bride to all girls and women like to buy new gold jewelry. On the other hand, gold is the standard gift for the bride. At this time gold is more demanding so during wedding season gold prices massively increase.

Besides this reason economic issues and now pandemic issue in Bangladesh gold price is rising higher. 

Gold Purchase Guidelines For BD

In the above now we know about today’s gold market price. So before buying gold in this time we have to know something about gold and price like gold purity, price, weight and Hallmarked. Here we are providing you with some guides for buying gold in this influence market.

Before buying gold, you have to know about gold purity, which Type of gold you have to purchase.  For ordinary jewelry, you have to choose 22K, 18K gold.

After choosing which type of gold, you want to buy you should know the market price of this gold. Because if you can know the updated price seller can sell gold with a high amount. So, before buying any type of gold one should know the current price of Gold.

After knowing the price, you have to check the weight of gold. This is a very important part of buying gold. So, when the seller delivers your product check its weight.