Difference Between A Disciple And An Apostle

Al Imran

A disciple is a student, follower, or believer of a religious figure such as Jesus, while an apostle is a messenger sent by God to preach His word. A disciple is someone who is taught the doctrine of a certain religion and is devoted to following the teachings of their teacher. An apostle is a special messenger sent by God to deliver a certain message or mission. In the Bible, Jesus selected twelve apostles to be his closest followers and to help him spread his message. The apostles were responsible for spreading the gospel after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

A disciple is not necessarily an apostle, but an apostle can be a disciple. Disciples are followers of Jesus who learn from Him and strive to practice His teachings. Apostles are those who were chosen by Jesus to preach and spread His message. They were the first to witness the miracles of Jesus and were given the authority to teach the gospel. Apostles were also tasked with establishing churches and guiding the early Christians.