Difference Between A Catapult And A Trebuchet

Al Imran

A catapult and a trebuchet are two ancient weapons used for warfare. The main difference between them is in the way they launch projectiles. A catapult uses tension or torsion to launch its projectiles, while a trebuchet uses gravity. Additionally, a catapult is a smaller device and is operated by one or two people, while a trebuchet is larger and requires a team of people to operate. Both weapons were used for many centuries, but the trebuchet eventually replaced the catapult as the preferred siege weapon.

The trebuchet is more powerful than the catapult. The reason is that the trebuchet uses gravity to launch its projectiles, which gives it more force than the catapult. A trebuchet can launch a projectile up to three times farther than a catapult. Furthermore, the trebuchet can launch heavier projectiles than a catapult, as it can launch rocks and other heavy objects.