GST Comilla University Admission Circular 2021 | Apply Online

GST Comilla University Admission Circular 2021 | Apply Online. The circular has been successful in its functioning as it helps the aspirants to choose the correct path for their higher studies. With the increasing competition among the colleges in Bangladesh, many students are not able to gain admission in some of the desired universities.

The situation of the education industry in Bangladesh has actually changed due to this factor and most of the leading educational institutions are now offering quality education through internet. It is not difficult to get admission in any of the higher level courses in any of the top notch universities like; JKUAT, Dhaka University, Asian University and many more. Students just have to submit their curriculum vitae to the concerned admission authorities and they are sure to find admission in any of the desired academic institutions that match with their profile and qualification as well as the subjects that they are prepared to study.

GST Comilla University Admission Circular 2021

  • Primary Application Start on – 01-04-2021 until 15-04-2021
  • Primary Selection Result publish on- 23-04-2021
  • Final Application Date- 24-04-2021 to 20-05-2021
  • Amit Card Download Date- 01-06-2021

Apply Online-

Comilla University, one of the premier universities in Bangladesh, has also adopted an innovative process to admit the students who are unable to gain admission in any of the universities. Through this circular they are able to keep the quality education on track with the ongoing changes taking place in the education sector. These students can benefit a lot by gaining full time academic degree which is offered in different branches of science. This will also enable them to join some of the renowned companies and organizations in the field of engineering. All the students who gain admission in Comilla University can be assured of a peaceful learning environment with excellent co curricular activities.

Each of the students can apply for a number of seats in different departments and courses at the same time. This will be of great help to them in getting proper representation and also a chance to expand their knowledge base. All the seats in departments like Civil Service, Engineering, MBA, Law and Medicine etc are distributed on the basis of the results of the various tests conducted at the university. In order to promote round robin program, all the students are required to appear in a minimum of five round robin matches. These are conducted on a weekly basis. This is a very effective method of improving the quality of education and preparing the students for the heavy demands of the post graduation curriculum.

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