Best 21 February Banner, Photo, Picture & Wallpaper 2022

The United States (UN) announced that 21st February is the International Mother Language Day. This day has a historical moment, UN announced that day basically the Bangladesh Language movement as the four students are killed on 21 February 1952.  Worldwide observed this day to remember all the martyrs and respect all nations mother tongue.  It is a public holiday in Bangladesh. All over the world, it is an international event but not a public holiday in other parts of the world. Different kinds of nations celebrate this day in different ways.

The UN declared this day so that Educational, Scientific and cultural all kinds of people are aware of their mother language and promote linguistics, cultural diversity. On this day government and non-Government organizations held many events such as composition, sports, etc. Bangladesh people lay flowers at Shaheed Minar.

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Besides all of these activities celebrate this international event by wishing everyone. You can wish everyone by sending sharing International Mother Language Day Pic, Photos and wallpaper.

21 February Banner

On this day various kinds of educational institutions and political parties arranged rallies. In the morning all kinds of people join this rally. At this rally people used so many banners with different kinds of mother language quotes. Here we are providing different kinds of banners for this event.


21 February Photos:

Besides text message, on 21st February people wishes each other by mother language day photos. Here you can find various kinds of 21 February vector and stock photos. On mother tongue day you can express your love for your mother language by sharing 21 February Pictures on social media.


21 February Wallpaper:

On this occasion, many people like to upload this event wallpaper to their display picture. Many themes use this wallpaper for background pictures in phones and laptops. Download here beautiful HD quality Mother Language Day wallpaper.