Top BDIX FTP Server list 2022- Fastest Server Ever

Bangladesh’s first IXP is BDIX. It stands for Internet Exchange Point. BDIX Server provides all the members with physical interconnects to local traffic exchange. Nowadays we all are using the Internet. Many people are using Broadband line or using Modem. But people are like to use the WiFi line for fast internet speed. Using Modem or SIM connectivity people faced many problems such as high cost, slow Download etc.

For these reasons, people are more inclined to use Wireless Fidelity for High-Speed Internet and lower cost. Besides these WiFi lines, another important thing is BDIX Server. Using these server’s people are able to download anything like Movies, Games, Drama, Animation Movies very fast. On the other hand, people can find the latest movie in this BDIX Server.

What is BDIX Server?

BDIX means Bangladesh Internet Exchange. This server creates many virtual networks or Internet Server providers which people can easily download any file like Movie, Games, Software, etc. file from their server in a short time and very fast.

For this reason, whether the internet speed is slow or normal, people will get a much high-speed download than normal speed. BDIX Server is the famous Internet Exchange Point in Bangladesh.

Besides downloading, here you can also share your data and transfer your data very fast. The major use of BDIX is data transfer between Internet Bandwidth and Local ISP users.

BDIX FTP Server list:

Here we provide the Top & best BDIX Server list 2022. Visiting all these servers you can find anything that we want. All the latest movies, PC & Android Software, Games, etc you can find on these servers. All the server download speed is very high. Given below all the latest and update BDIX Server list.

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD

More Active

  1. Quick Online FTP
  2. E-Box File Server
  3. IT Base BD
  4. Movie Server – English
  6. Movie Server – Bangla
  7. Dhaka Movie
  8. Seba IT
  9. Panda Club BD
  10. Jhal Muri
  11. Asian FTP
  12. Net@Home BD
  13. Dhaka – FTP
  14. .Net Movie Server
  15. VdoMela FTP 
  16. Media FTP
  17. GenVideos
  18. Dnet Drive FTP
  19. Inspire FTP
  20. Bongo BD FTP
  21. SAM FTP
  22. Mango Gamers
  23. CrazyCTG
  24. MyBDPlex
  25. Net Matrix BD
  26. Quick Online
  27. City Cloud
  28. Kiss Anime
  29. Movie Box BD
  30. BD Lan
  31. DFN DB
  32. Spark Net BD

How to get more BDIX Server?

People are using Broadband line; Bangladesh all Broadband line users have BDIX Server. You can find BDIX Server to your WiFi connection authorities. Besides these people can get many updates and faster server list and their links online. From here you can also find so many BDIX Server lists. We are providing the most powerful Server list where you can able to download Movies, Web series, songs, videos, etc with high Mbps speed.

 From here you can also find all FTP server list 2022 and online movie download link where you can easily download all the latest movies. Stay with us for more updates about the Bangladesh Internet exchange server, Thank you!