Assam BJP Indrani Tahbildar Viral Video & Photo (Must Watch)

Assam BJP Indrani Tahbildar Viral Video & Photo (Must Watch). The video in question, which quickly gained traction across social media platforms, purportedly depicts a prominent Assam BJP leader engaged in a private conversation that has since become public. The video’s release has ignited a fiery debate, raising ethical, political, and social questions that demand careful consideration.

Who is Assam BJP Indrani Tahbildar

Indrani Tahbildar, an Indian political leader born in Guwahati, Assam, stood as a notable figure within the Assam BJP. Her untimely demise at her Guwahati residence on Friday cast a somber shadow. At the age of 48, she held a significant position as the Kisan Morcha secretary within the party. Tragically, it has been reported that she took her own life in response to the circulation of personal photographs online, showing her in the company of a senior BJP leader.

Indrani Tahbildar Viral Video

Guwahati, August 12: A BJP woman leader in Assam has allegedly committed suicide after some intimate pictures of her with another senior party politician went viral on social media. The incident took place on Friday night in Guwahati’s Bamunimaidam area. The deceased has been identified as Indrani Tahbildar, a prominent member of the state BJP.

Indrani Tahbildar Viral Photo

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After intimate photos of her with a seasoned BJP leader were leaked on social media, the prominent BJP leader in Assam has allegedly chosen the path of self-harm. Indrani, a notable figure of the party’s Kisan Morcha, has accused that the powerful leader within the party shared these objectionable pictures on social media, leading to her extreme decision. The accused BJP leader, Anurag Cholia, is currently on the run.