Best 21 February Quotes, Wishes & Greetings Published 2022

21st February is International Mother Language Day. It is a worldwide annual day and people observed the day in the world. People celebrate this day to promote multilingualism, cultural diversity and awareness of linguistics. This day is observed centered on the language movement in 1952. In Bangladesh, many people are sacrificed to their mother tongue. One day many Bangali people were martyred to make their language the state language. To memories this day, UNESCO was announced that 21 February is the International Mother Language Day.

After the UNESCO announcement in 2000, its first observed worldwide. Then every year all over the world celebrate this day. In Bangladesh, this day is also called Language Marty’s day. The theme of Mother Language Day is ‘Fostering Multilingualism for inclusion in education and society”. In Bangladesh, this day is celebrated in different ways, on this day they’re going to Shaheed Minar to give flowers to remember all the Martyrs.

This is an international event so on this day you can wish everyone and share some International Mother Language Day Quotes, Wishes and Greetings. Here we’re providing all of these.

21 February Quotes

It is the biggest celebration and important event because it is an international event and the world is widely observed this day. So, on this day you can express your feelings about this event and share your love for your mother tongue. You can express these by sharing Mother Language Day various kinds of Quotes.  Here you can find International Mother Language Day quotes 2022.

  • Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own.- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  • International Mother Language Day is a moment for all of us to raise the flag for the importance of mother tongue to all educational efforts, to enhance the quality of learning and to reach the unreached.-Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General
  • The limits of my language are the limits of my world”-Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Language is wine upon the lips. Virginia Woolf


 21 February Wishes

Everyone loves their mother tongue. As this event is very important for all of us. On this day write something about your mother language and express your feelings behind this day’s historical moment. Everybody should respect their mother language because one nation sacrificed for their mother tongue. To celebrate 21st February wish everyone by International Mother Language Wishes.

21 February Greetings

Besides sharing Quotes and wishing by message on 21st February you can give a greetings card with some text about this Day. Here we are providing various kinds of International Mother Language Day greetings 2022.

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